Nathan Matteson

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Complete design and typography for the cover and interior pages of Endangered architecture: the work of Bernt Nyberg. A 204 × 204 mm 96-page soft-bound book, with interior pages on 120 gsm uncoated Munken Polar. Typeset in Christian Schwartz’ Bau, with images printed in duotines of black and Pantone cool grey 9. Cover is double-hit white on 350 gsm Colorplan Smoke. Printing and binding took place in Denmark at Narayana Press. 

This publication catalogues the work of Swedish architect Bernt Nyberg and accompanied an exhibition of photographs of his work.

The design of this book is based on the Pell series (or a series of numbers quite like it), using integers to approximate the square root of two—a reference to the square that structures much of Nyberg’s work. These numbers were generated using a custom python library that can be found here: