Nathan Matteson

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Lewerentz fragments is a 192 × 224 mm 288-page volume, printed on 120 gsm uncoated Munken Polar, with three false gatefolds, and two 12-page signatures of archival imagery printed on 115 gsm Munken Matte. The book was printed in Denmark at Narayana Press, and is bound in grey princess linen, with black endpapers, grey headbands, and black foil stamping on the front and back covers and the spine. Images comprise a mix of archival and current photography and are printed in full-color, with black-and-white images in the main text and margins rendered in quadtones. Text is set in Optimo's Theinhardt, 3 mm type on a 4 mm line increment, with marginal notes 2.25 on 3 mm. The typography is simple and straightforward, reflecting the seriousness, simplicity, and craft of the subject at hand.

This book was published by Actar in 2021. I co-edited the project with Jonathan Foote, Hansjörg Göritz, and Matthew Hall. The chapter I authored, Lewerentz quantizes, explores the unusual role of proportion in the ratiometric space-making in Lewerentz’ built environments, specifically the Church of St Peters in Klippan.